Doorman at the hotel
The guest begins to make his impression of the hotel from the very beginning. Therefore, it is very important that the first employee who meets customers is a high-class specialist…

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Tips at the hotel
Tipping in hotels is accepted all over the world and is considered good form. However, before tourists there are many questions about the tip in the hotel: who to tip,…

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Hotels for families with children
Traveling with children requires parents to more carefully plan their trip. First you need to think about what things to take with you. Then - what type of transport to…

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Hotel accommodation with pets

Many of us have pets. Planning a trip at least a couple of days, we always think about who to leave them with. If you have close relations with neighbors and they can be entrusted with the keys to the apartment, they can come and care for animals. Pets can be taken to friends or relatives if they agree to look after them in your absence. In a pinch, there are now hotels for animals or home-made holdings, where for a moderate fee they will provide care to our smaller brothers during the absence. But if you are not ready to part with your pet for a single day, or you cannot trust anyone to care for him, you must take the pet with you.

Traveling with animals, you must remember that most hotels prohibit being on their territory with animals. However, some go to meet their customers and even organize separate special rooms for pets. Therefore, before booking a hotel room, ask if they are allowed to live with pets. Now you can easily find sites on which lists of such hotels are published.

Even if you know that living with an animal in a hotel is allowed, you need to find out some more details:

what types of animals are allowed to bring with them;

are there any restrictions on the size of animals;

whether there is an additional fee for accommodation of pets, if yes, in what amount;

what documents are required to issue on the animal.

There are a number of prohibitions that are universal and apply to all hotels that host animals:

It is forbidden to bring animals in canteens, restaurants, bars;

It is forbidden to take an animal in baths, saunas, to bathe him in the pool;

It is forbidden to walk animals in the adjacent territory.

What do you need to take with you when traveling with an animal? We offer an exemplary list of things: carrying (preferably plastic or other with a rigid frame), food, bowls, tray, filler, muzzle, leash with harness. Depending on the characteristics of the animal, additional things (medicines or care products) may be required.

In Europe and the USA, sites with the most “Pet Friendly Hotels” are very popular. These sites not only collected contacts of hotels, host guests with pets, but also presented the owners’ reviews about the service and features of hotel accommodation, tips, comments.

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