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Conference rooms in hotels

One of the main tasks in organizing business events is to find a suitable venue for them. Very large companies may have their own site. Medium, and especially small business, can not afford it. In addition, even if you have your own sites, the format of the event sometimes forces you to search for a more suitable place. And then come to the rescue of hotels that have their own conference rooms.

Conference hall
Conference halls in hotels are usually used for conventions, seminars, trainings, forums. In most cases, half of the participants in such events come from abroad or from regions. Therefore, it is very convenient to rent together with the conference room and hotel rooms to accommodate visiting guests.

In addition to the premises of the hotel usually provide a variety of related services. For example, technical support, catering, entertainment and excursion programs. Such services can be assembled in “packages” with different configurations or provided independently of each other.

Held in the conference halls of hotels event can be divided into several groups.

Large status events (international, inter-sectoral, etc.) with the participation of more than 100 people.

Medium-sized events usually take place with the participation of 40 to 150 people. These are usually congresses or medium-sized conferences. Also, these sites can be used as additional when conducting large forums.

Small events are designed for 10-40 people. It can be negotiations, meetings, congresses. Very often trainings are suitable for such sizes.

When renting conference rooms in a hotel, you need to pay attention to the following details:

transport accessibility of the event venue, distance from the metro;

the conference room should be located separately from the rooms, other rooms, any crowds of people that are not related to your event;

it is desirable that the hall has a foyer, that the participants do not interfere with each other, and there is enough space;

It is desirable to have auxiliary premises where it is possible to place the organizing committee, store the equipment brought, etc.

Providing conference rooms for rent is mutually beneficial cooperation. For hotels it is not only a direct profit from rent, but also an increase in loyalty, the sale of additional services. And for a tenant, this is a high professional level and concern for event participants.

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