Attributes of a modern hotel
In the 21st century, the pace of life has accelerated, the quality has improved. Many concepts have disappeared from our lives, remaining only in memory. Others, on the contrary, appeared…

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Hotel accommodation with pets
Many of us have pets. Planning a trip at least a couple of days, we always think about who to leave them with. If you have close relations with neighbors…

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Hotels for the New Year. The best hotels in Lapland.
The New Year is a warm family holiday, but since a whole week's holiday is given, why not spend it on a trip. Well, traveling to the New Year is…

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Hotel room or apartment for rent?

Inexperienced tourists often face the problem of choosing between a room in a hotel or an apartment for rent. Despite the apparent equivalence in price, there are many pitfalls that are worth remembering when making a choice.

Room in a hotel or apartment for rent
Cons apartments
Lack of legal entity. As a rule, apartment owners who donate daily are not registered anywhere, respectively, you do not enter into any official contract with them when you post, no one will give you a check. Also, the absence of a legal entity with the contractor means the senselessness and the impossibility of making claims on the quality of the services provided.

Bad sanitary conditions. No one controls the sanitary condition of the apartment, except for its owner. Since the sanitary norms of the apartment owner may differ significantly from the official sanitary standards, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the level of cleanliness in the room.

No guarantees of confidentiality and security. No one will tell you about the reliability and responsibility of neighbors in a rented apartment.

No insurance against cheating. You can not do anything with the landlord in case of non-compliance of the apartment with the stated living conditions or non-refundable security deposit.

The advantages of hotel accommodation
Professional service. All hotel staff are interested to make your stay comfortable and safe. For a hotel, your opinion is reputation, and your dissatisfaction is a serious legal risk.

No eating problems. Having your own inexpensive restaurant or cuisine is one of the most common additional services in a hotel, which increases the comfort of guests.

Convenient location. Hotels are usually located near major traffic interchanges.

Convenient payment methods. Sometimes, the presence of cashless payment or payment by card greatly simplifies the life of guests.

Full accounting for accounting. If the employee’s business trip is paid by the company, then the hotel, which is a priori legal entity, will not have problems with the design of accounting documents for the accounting department.

Remote booking. The presence of the site with the booking form allows you to remotely familiarize yourself with the hotel, make a reservation in advance and be sure that when you arrive in an unfamiliar city, you will have a place to stay overnight.

Based on all of the above, the choice is obvious: hotel accommodation is much more convenient and safer than renting an apartment for rent.

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