Hotel market

Hotels for tourists in Moscow
There are a lot of hotels in Moscow. However, there are not so many hotels that are ideal for tourists. First of all, this situation is associated with the specific…

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Top 5 terrible hotels in the world
Any traveler in the soul of a romantic. And what kind of romanticist would not like to face the unknown, to feel the knowledge of the mystery, to feel the…

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The most expensive hotels in the world
When planning a holiday, everyone chooses a hotel or a hotel by means and possibilities. Usually, with an increase in affluence, the average price that a traveler is willing to…

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Attributes of a modern hotel

In the 21st century, the pace of life has accelerated, the quality has improved. Many concepts have disappeared from our lives, remaining only in memory. Others, on the contrary, appeared quite recently by historical standards and now occupy a significant part of our reality. The concept of “hotel” appeared a long time ago. Its essence has not changed. However, the content, that is, what a person today is investing in this concept, has undergone changes along with world progress.

Hotel Attributes
What has now become the indispensable attributes of any hotel?
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Types of food in hotels

When choosing a hotel or a hotel, the traveler often encounters many strange and incomprehensible designations. In particular, types of food in hotels are usually denoted by two or three Latin letters. These symbols are interpreted as abbreviations of English phrases, in which lies the meaning of the type of food offered by the hotel.

Food in hotels
What types of food are in hotels
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What not to do in hotels and inns

In order to stay in a hotel or a hotel left only pleasant impressions, you should always remember that you are visiting, not at home. Respect for the labor of others, property and personality will always be rewarded by your attentive attitude.

what not to do in hotels
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The story of the emergence of hotels

The history of hotels originates in ancient times. The first hotels were taverns, references to which can be found in the manuscripts of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Travels in those distant times were long, the speed of movement was small, and unfamiliar lands dangerous. Travelers willingly paid for any roof over their heads, where they could take a rest along the way. Demand, as you know, gives rise to supply, and inns began to grow like mushrooms on main roads. It does not take several centuries, as inns are segmented by the level of service. Appear such where the person cannot stop without the special document confirming his high status. Continue reading

Interiors of hotels. Development trends.
Along with the quality of service, a variety of additional services and other factors, the hotel’s stardom also affects the interior decoration of rooms and common areas. Therefore, without exception,…


The economic crisis in the hotel business
The economic crisis affects all areas of society and all areas of business. Many have already experienced economic difficulties, and some have already got used to the new reality. The…


Tree hotels
The less in our modern world remains unexplored corners, the greater the demand for nature and solitude. In this article, we have collected amazing hotels located in the trees. The…


Hotels for business travelers in Moscow
Going on a business trip to the capital, it is important to worry in advance about where you will have to live during a business trip. Among the many hundreds…